A Little Interlude – Part 1

OK, so now I’ve got the garage sorted, got the lighting more or less the way I want it, got some power in there, it’s all good to go!

But one thing I can’t sort out is the temperature. And right now, it’s freezing! I mean, literally. So while I could go and work out in the garage, it’s not much fun and just gets downright uncomfortable in no time. So until things get a little milder, there’s not going to be much going on.

So I’ve moved inside. I suppose technically I could bring some bits and pieces of the car inside to work on (wiring loom, interior trim, that kind of thing), it’s all pretty grubby stuff and I’d rather not be doing that kind of thing in the house. So instead, I dug out another TR7 project that I’ve had sitting around untouched for years: this guy.

TR7 Airfix Kit

I bought it used a few years ago (at one of the Stoneleigh parts days, I think) and made a start on it. As far as I can tell it is the Airfix kit, but there’s some instructions and a decal sheet for a Monogram kit as well – who knew that two different companies made TR7 model kits?
Anyway, as far as I can tell it’s the Airfix kit and not the Monogram one, although there’s a couple of bits in there that don’t belong, plus there’s a couple of bits missing: The front light pods (don’t care) and the gear lever and handbrake, which I can live without.

The main issue with the kit is that it’s USA spec; so left hand drive and with the overriders on the rear bumper and the huge pad on the steering wheel. So at some point many years ago, I’d set about the kit, cutting the overriders and steering wheel pads off and hacking the dash apart to make it RHD.

TR7 Airfix Kit UK Conversion

Not the neatest job ever, but by eye it’s hardly noticeable. This camera has a knack of making things look a lot rougher than they look by eye!

So with the fiddly stuff already done, I rubbed down the body:

TR7 Airfix Kit Body

Primed it:

TR7 Airfix Kit Body Primer

And then painted it (Pimento Red, of course!) and polished it.

It’s not quite as smooth or shiny as I’d like, but the problem is you can’t put too much paint on these before you start to lose the moulding details (panel gaps, door handles and so on), which meant I couldn’t do too much polishing for fear of rubbing right through the paint. It looks pretty good though, and actually better than the picture suggests.

Then out with the brushes for the detail work:

Not perfect, but considering this is the first time I’ve done one of these kits in about twenty years, I’m quite happy with the result. Just a couple more bits to do (front grille and some silver on the door handles), then I can set that aside and start putting the interior together.

If only the real thing was this easy!

In case you hadn’t guessed already, the idea here is to make the kit into a replica of my car; a sort of automotive mini-me. So I don’t need the decal kits, the lights or the spoilers at all – I just need to figure out how to do the TR7 graphic on the nose and that’s it – I did see somewhere on ebay that does 1/24 scale registration plates for about £3, so I’ll probably treat myself to a set of those too.

1 thought on “A Little Interlude – Part 1”

  1. I bought the Monogram Issue on eBay a couple of years ago. It’s was already built, painted and has Chrome Wagon style Wheels. Thankfully, it’s not a Glue Bomb. Windows are clear, the Taillights aren’t painted, and I like the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Radials. I parked it on a shelf.
    I took it apart to wash it, as it had a layer of dust worthy of a “Barn Find”. Every Decal washed right off with the dust. I found that amusing.
    I’m not ready to strip and repaint it at this time, but when I do, I leaning towards British Racing Green (If I can find it) with a Union Jack Decal that follows the lower body line. Similar to the TR7 V8 Pond/Gallagher Rally Car.
    I painted the Taillights, but am having difficulty figuring out where to mount it. Finding any old Instruction Sheets to follow. Even on Fotki.

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