Welcome to the site!

The idea (almost certain to change) of this site is to showcase the restorations of various old and rusty junk that I keep coming across and feeling sorry for.

It’s a bit of a hobby of mine, although one that I’m relatively new to; my background is more in mechanics (I’m in the middle of restoring a 1976 Triumph TR7; you can expect to see bits of that making an appearance here from time to time). I’ve just never really had the space to do the hobby much justice until fairly recently.

All change

Now, though, I have an actual workshop! It’s a bit of a mess, doesn’t have any heating or much in the way of lighting, but it’s a decent start. On top of that I’ve recently been gifted a few bits of workshop equipment; a lathe, a bandsaw and a decent workbench for them all.

welcome to my workshop!

Most of the work I do will be videoed and the footage will be put up on YouTube (my channel is here). Hopefully, it’ll take off enough to at least partially fund my work, and should entertain people along the way. YouTube isn’t always the best medium for in-depth discussions, though, so I’ll be expanding and explaining the work I do on this site. I might also take the time to write up the occasional tutorial about how to do the things I’m doing; I can’t promise anything amazing though.

That’s it, really; I don’t claim to be an expert in any way, just a bumbling amateur picking things up as I go. I’ll probably make mistakes, but I’m always happy to be corrected when I do. Feel free to chip in (on here or my YouTube channel) with any comments!

So once again, welcome! If you like what you see here, I hope to see you around!

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