Back again!

I bet you thought I’d given up, hadn’t you?

Well I have been busy recently, and my recent house move meant I was offline for a few weeks.

Anyway: The brakes are now finished, and I’m happy to report that the car is back on the road at last. The brakes are still rubbish, but I think they’re supposed to be like that!

The only serious problem I have now is the oil pressure light – it keeps flickering on. In light of what happened last time, that worried me – however, the car isn’t losing any oil, and I’m happy that this is an electrical problem. In fact, when I was fiddling around, the connector to the pressure switch broke clean off! As I have other things going on at the moment, I’ve left it for now. However, all this has made me lose faith in the oil light, so I’m shopping around for a decent pressure gauge that will fit into the dash. Any suggestions will be appreciated…

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