Nothing to report…

….Because for once, the ‘7 is behaving itself. While I haven’t strayed too far from home, I have racked up about 100 miles over the last few days, all with no problems. It’s good to have it back again!
As for the oil light, I have done precisely nothing about it. I’ll probably get around to ordering a new gauge next week, but my other car seems to have sensed the lack of mechanical maladies and has plunged into disrepair itself. A new alternator, rear brakes as well as various service parts – £180 I could have done without spending!

Speaking of money, I’ve been doing a bit of forward planning recently – hopefully by the end of this year, I’ll have about £3000 saved, which I’ve earmarked for improving the car. As well as the obvious brake/suspension upgrades, I was planning on getting a new engine – slightly warmed up. But having looked around, I’ve realised that sort of budget puts me into V8 territory! I’m figuring £1.5k for the engine/gearbox etc, £700 or so for the brakes & suspension, and whatever’s left can go into bodywork, not forgetting ‘miscellaneous’!

This could be exciting….

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