Well, the car is now back together, with no major hiccups. The steering is awful right now, very vague and it keeps trying to wander off to the side. I’m putting that down to poor tracking for now – at least I hope that’s what it is! I’ve got it booked in tomorrow to have that fixed, so we’ll see.

Otherwise, I changed the oil and checked the valve clearances – the clearances are a bit out, but I’m not too sure how bad it is – I’ve got no idea how sensitive these engines are to this. Something else to look into…..

And I ordered all my brake bits today (as promised!) – the helpful guys at S&S Preps tried to sell me some uprated discs, and then a full vented disc kit – I was sorely tempted, but my wallet said no. I’ll be looking at doing that upgrade after the summer, in the meantime a well set up standard (apart from greenstuff pads) system should be fine.

One of these days, I’ll learn to stop spending money on this car – then again, maybe not!

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