New Wings

The body panels I ordered arrived today.


I have now spent more on replacement body panels alone than I bought the car for in the first place! It’ll be worth it though.

I tried a test fit of the wings, they seem to fit with no problems. I just wish I’d known that the top channel came with the new wings before I spent an hour rubbing down and straightening up the ones on the car! So after all that work I ended up cutting them off.


But it looks like I need to get the new closing panels, the old wings fitted directly to the A post and never had these panels. Now I just have a huge gap:


Wheelarch panel isn’t such a good fit, it looks like I’ll need to do a lot of work fitting and adjusting them:




I think I’ve got it more or less in the right spot now:


Before I commit to the welding though, I’ll screw it into place with some self tappers and make sure the wing fits over it OK.

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