Painting the underside – part 2

Today was ‘Metal Ready’ day – this is the acid etch/zinc coating stuff.

This pretty much had to be done today, as I need to be painting the car at the weekend. If I don’t get that done, it’ll be nearly a month before I get the chance again. So, on a day when I had to be at the garage, whatever the weather, I wasn’t surprised when it started raining when I finished work. 🙁

Never mind, I got down there (and only a little bit wet), pulled everything out and started applying the stuff. Compared to yesterday, it’s so much easier, you simply have to spray it on with the spray bottle supplied, and keep it wet. The instructions recommended 30 minutes minimum, so I gave it an hour, recoating it to keep it wet every ten minutes or so. Simple.
Mindful of what happened yesterday, I made sure my hands were well protected (plus they’re still very sensitive and painful), with latex gloves underneath rubber work gloves. No problems today!
After the time was up, I just needed to give it a quick blast with the pressure washer, clean everything up and brush all the standing water out of the garage (I used the tarp again, but there was still some spillage).
Now it’s ready for painting on Saturday!


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