Rear End – still to do

A quick round up of everything that needs doing before the back end is done:

Finish up filling and shaping the rear sills
Weld a couple of patches to the wheelarch lips (they’re good enough to not need replacing outright)
Finish up the boot area and paint (at least in primer for now)
Go over the underside, chase out any surface rust
Apply POR-15 system (marine clean, metal ready, POR-15, top coat)
Fill and finish fuel cap area
Buy & fit new fuel tank
Get suspension parts powder coated
Paint axle (POR-15 again)
Shape and fit rear brake lines
Fit axle and rear suspension (new polybushes, old springs and shocks for now)
Refit handbrake and cable (no actual brakes until the car is nearly road-ready, to prevent seizing/binding)

That looks like a lot! 😮

1 thought on “Rear End – still to do”

  1. >That does look like a lot, but to be honest, I’ll just be happy to be finished that flippin’ sill on the drivers side!!

    I’ll quite look forward to getting a bit more dirty with some of the other stuff.

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