V8 power – Part 2

I’ve now got the top of the engine stripped down – what a mess!

Although everything I’ve looked at so far seems to be in very good condition (with a couple of notable exceptions), the whole thing is caked in sludgy oil deposits. Yuk.

A couple of examples:





As you can see, I’ve got a lot of work to do – and messy work at that. 🙁
I’m not too sure what’s going on with that chamber on the right – it looks like water has got into it at some point. I don’t know where from though – from the looks of it, it leaked in while the engine was sitting around, certainly the HG wasn’t blown or anything.
The heads and block will be getting shipped off for dipping and a light skim, but all the rest of it is going to be cleaned by hand. I’ve done a fair few bits already:



And as is the nature of these things, the shopping list is building up!
Parts I’m going to be replacing so far:

All gaskets and seals (goes without saying really)
Rockers and shafts
Camshaft (totally worn out; fit for the bin)
Lifters (they look fine, but it seems a bit of a false economy to try and reuse them, especially with the camshaft in that condition)
Oil pump gears
Timing chain & gears (chain is stretched; gears look fine but why chance it?)
Main & big end bearings (again, goes without saying)
Piston rings

That’s a fair bit more than I originally planned for, but now my way of thinking is; while I’ve got the engine out and in bits anyway it’s probably a bit daft not to replace this stuff. Better than having to strip the engine and do it all in 5000 miles time!

For now though, I’ll just be glad when I can pick all this stuff up without having to go and wash my hands afterwards….

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