Windscreen Frame part 6

The fitting continues – with everything more or less the way I wanted it, it was time for a final test fit of the screen – this time with the finishers:


It fits well enough, so time to carry on with fitting.

I got all the holes drilled for the welds:


And then tack welded the bottom part of the frame in place. It’s only held on by six welds at the moment, so it can easily come out again if needs be.

Then the inner part of the top surround was welded in place:


Cleaned up and painted:


Yay, I finally have a windscreen lip!

The outer part was cleaned and straightened up, painted and prepped for final fitting:


I need to get a new tip for the welder before I can carry on, this one keeps jamming and causing wire feed problems. Otherwise, I’d have had the top part tack welded in place today.

Hard part’s nearly over – just a whole load of welding to go!

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