Windscreen Frame part 8

After waiting for a day with some decent weather, I got the welding finished off this weekend. Firstly I welded the bulkhead panel in place, then ground down all the excess weld from the top and sides:


Then went back over the whole thing and redid a few parts that weren’t up to scratch. Once happy with that, I tapped down a few high spots and got started with the filler. It looks like the filler I’m using is past it’s best, it’s a couple of years old and isn’t as smooth or easy to work with as it used to be. So, time to get some more.

I persevered with what I had for today, quite happy with the result so far:



I decided to fill the seams for now and have a smooth A post:



I can chase some seams back in later if I decide that doesn’t look right.

There’s still a lot of finishing and shaping to be done before I’m happy, but the job is basically done now. I can carry on working on it in conjunction with other parts, it makes a handy side job while waiting for things to dry, or if I just get bored with whatever else I’m doing. 🙂

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