Fitting the Wing

So, I finally got the first wing welded on today.

I spent a bit of time yesterday drilling holes for the spot welds, all ready to go for today. I got out this afternoon, ready for the final fitting. Firstly, though, a bit of a signature for any future restorers:

TR7 Front wing signature

Then a quick bit of painting on the areas that I wouldn’t be able to get to afterwards:

TR7 wing painting

Then the wing was fitted and bolted into place (I needed to remove the door to get the rear bolts fitted):

TR7 Wing final fitment

Then the welding began at last. It was all fairly straightforward, although, like the windscreen, it involved a lot of spot (well, plug) welds – a fairly tedious job.

Fifty-odd welds later, it was done:

TR7 wing welded on

TR7 wing welded on 2

TR7 wing welded on 3

TR7 wing welded on 4

TR7 wing welded on 5

Then a thin skim of filler was applied, around the arch and also to cover up some dents that I made while clamping the wing in place:

TR7 wing arch filler

I did a little bit of shaping on the front panel (see previous post, it wasn’t lining up properly), it’s almost there now although still needs a little work:

TR7 wing front alignment

And that’s pretty much done. I still need to finish up shaping the filler around the arch, and of course sort out the front bit properly, but otherwise it’s time to move over to the other side!



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