Engine Bay

Battery Tray & Wing

Not a lot of blogging recently, the weather has been hampering any serious attempts to work! I have managed to get a bit done though. The windscreen frame is slowly taking final shape. I’ve got it nearly there, just a few last small ripples to get out. Work moved on to the battery tray, it […]

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Wheelarch Continued

After all the stripping down, I got on with welding the patches in this week. They needed to be fairly level as I’d be welding bits on to them, and this isn’t really one of my best skills. Nevertheless, I think they came out alright: They’re not exactly invisible (I’m not that good!), but once

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Wheelarch & Battery Tray

I’ve been a bit busy over the last couple of days, so this post is a little out of date. Anyway: As mentioned in the last post, I had a plan together to tackle the welding and bodywork that needed doing. That was started at the weekend with the removal of the wheelarch. I didn’t

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Engine Removal

The engine and box came out this weekend. 🙂 The first job was to pick up the engine hoist. I’d arranged to borrow one of the works vans for the weekend, but ended up having to go and collect a hire van for work, and pick the hoist up in it on the way back.

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