Triumph TR7 Project is back underway!

Yes, after many years of sitting in a garage with not much going on, I’ve finally got round to digging Rosie out and getting cracking with the restoration again.

I’ve actually done a fair amount of work since I last posted about the TR7, but I’ve been even worse about writing about it than I have actually doing the work. Ahem.

Once I’d got some junk cleared out from the garage and had enough room to (just about) move around, I thought I’d start by putting together a little video. The world has moved on since I started this restoration (it’s been twelve years!) and YouTube is the place to be these days. To get people caught up on the story so far and so they don’t have to wade through the dozens of posts on here, I’ve put together a bunch of clips from all my previous work.

And so here it is – enjoy!

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