Headlamp Motor Assembly

Now I’ve moved the work inside, I’ve started work on a couple of different bits.

The first parts to get my attention were the headlamp lift motors and the wiper motor. The wiper motor is waiting on a couple of parts, but I’ve got one of the headlamp motor assemblies done now (I decided to do them one at a time so I could use the other as a template in case I forgot how it went together).

The start – Functional but seriously grotty:

Headlight assemby 1

The motor assembly:


Motor body parts after cleaning, stripping and painting:


It probably wasn’t needed, but I decided to replace the motor brushes while I was there:


I also replaced all the wiring – on inspection, it was starting to corrode, even a little way up the insulation. So it all got replaced with some nice modern thin-wall cable, and the connector was replaced with a superseal connector.

As Rimmers were offering new bracket assemblies for dirt cheap money, I didn’t see much point in cleaning them up, so I just replaced them and used the old spring and turnbuckle.

Finished product:


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