Wing Prep – Part 3

Having now fitted the first wing, I’ve now turned my attention to the other side. First step was welding on the wing filler panel: Then, after a bit of time spent making sure the wing fitted properly (easier said than done – as mentioned before, the new wheelarch is a really bad fit so it’s […]

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Fitting the Wing

So, I finally got the first wing welded on today. I spent a bit of time yesterday drilling holes for the spot welds, all ready to go for today. I got out this afternoon, ready for the final fitting. Firstly, though, a bit of a signature for any future restorers: Then a quick bit of

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Wing Prep – Part 2

After being busy with some other projects (mainly dealing with various problems with the other cars in the fleet), I got back on to the wing prep today. I started by putting the wing back on, this time with the bolts all in place. Everything lines up well, apart from a couple of issues: Firstly,

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Wing Prep – Part 1

After a bit of a hiatus(!), I’m now finding a bit of time to get back on with the work. The first thing to be done was to carry on with the offside wing and wheel arch. When I left it before, the only bits that still had the old underseal that needed removing were

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Getting Ready for Winter

As you might have noticed, I haven’t updated here for a little while. As tends to happen, other plans and projects mean that I just haven’t been able to get down to the car recently. As it’s now starting to get colder and the days are getting shorter, I’ve decided it’s time to pack up

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New Wings

The body panels I ordered arrived today. I have now spent more on replacement body panels alone than I bought the car for in the first place! It’ll be worth it though. I tried a test fit of the wings, they seem to fit with no problems. I just wish I’d known that the top

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Battery Tray & Wing

Not a lot of blogging recently, the weather has been hampering any serious attempts to work! I have managed to get a bit done though. The windscreen frame is slowly taking final shape. I’ve got it nearly there, just a few last small ripples to get out. Work moved on to the battery tray, it

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Wings & Doors

The stripping down continued this week; to start with, the doors came out earlier on this week. No problems to report, except discovering the top hinge on the passenger door was close to falling off! There’s two pins in the hinge, the lower one was missing altogether and the top one was sticking halfway out.

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