Triumph TR7 Restoration

The TR7 Restoration has been a work in progress for over a decade now. This section is imported from an old blog I used to run back in the day, alongside the YouTube video uploads I’ve done by way of continuing the blog.

Not good!

Last Tuesday was the monthly Club Triumph local meeting over towards Northampton – I thought that would be an ideal run out to give the car a bit of a shakedown. So off I went and all seemed fine, the tracking was perfect, no juddering at all. Then after about 30 miles, the problems started …

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Well, the car is now back together, with no major hiccups. The steering is awful right now, very vague and it keeps trying to wander off to the side. I’m putting that down to poor tracking for now – at least I hope that’s what it is! I’ve got it booked in tomorrow to have …

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Hi all, I thought it was about time I started blogging all my TR7 stuff! I’m John, and my car of choice is a red 1976 Triumph TR7 – or ‘Rosie’ as I like to call her. At the moment, she’s pretty standard, with the only real modifications being a set of Alleycat ‘Rallye’ wheels …

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