Engine Removal

The engine and box came out this weekend. 🙂 The first job was to pick up the engine hoist. I’d arranged to borrow one of the works vans for the weekend, but ended up having to go and collect a hire van for work, and pick the hoist up in it on the way back.

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Stripping The Engine

Now that the car is the right way round, I carried on with preparing the engine for removal and stripping everything out of the engine bay. It took me about four hours, but it’s all more or less done now. Apart from a couple of jubilee clips that were rusted solid (I hacksawed a couple

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Heads back

I phoned the machine shop today – the heads have now been skimmed and cleaned, and are ready to pick up. Nice and clean and shiny now! As for the rest of the engine, I’ve just got to clean up the outside of the block, then the sump, and it’s all done – I can

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V8 power – Part 2

I’ve now got the top of the engine stripped down – what a mess! Although everything I’ve looked at so far seems to be in very good condition (with a couple of notable exceptions), the whole thing is caked in sludgy oil deposits. Yuk. A couple of examples: As you can see, I’ve got a

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V8 power – Part 1

Well, as discussed before, I’ve decided to go for the V8 option. I bit the bullet a couple of days ago and won an ebay auction for an engine. I got it home today, and have already started stripping it. First impressions: As you’d expect from a £100 ebay engine, it’s looking a little rough:

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