Wing Prep – Part 2

After being busy with some other projects (mainly dealing with various problems with the other cars in the fleet), I got back on to the wing prep today. I started by putting the wing back on, this time with the bolts all in place. Everything lines up well, apart from a couple of issues: Firstly,

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Wing Prep – Part 1

After a bit of a hiatus(!), I’m now finding a bit of time to get back on with the work. The first thing to be done was to carry on with the offside wing and wheel arch. When I left it before, the only bits that still had the old underseal that needed removing were

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Getting Ready for Winter

As you might have noticed, I haven’t updated here for a little while. As tends to happen, other plans and projects mean that I just haven’t been able to get down to the car recently. As it’s now starting to get colder and the days are getting shorter, I’ve decided it’s time to pack up

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More Painting

I’ve spent a bit of time recently painting a few suspension parts and various brackets, as well as the bumper. First up, cleaning and prepping: Then the first coat, POR 15 again: As you can see, I had to get a bit creative with hanging this stuff up to dry. Even after a couple of

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Light Clusters

I’ve been working on the rear lights – a nice little job to do at home. I started off rubbing down the metal part and spraying with silver paint: This has made a difference, although not a huge one: Just for the hell of it, I also painted the rears – I was never too

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