Windscreen Surround

Windscreen Frame part 8

After waiting for a day with some decent weather, I got the welding finished off this weekend. Firstly I welded the bulkhead panel in place, then ground down all the excess weld from the top and sides: Then went back over the whole thing and redid a few parts that weren’t up to scratch. Once […]

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Windscreen Frame part 7

Both panels are now in! I tacked the top panel in place and did a bit of measuring to make sure nothing had slipped. It all checked out fine, so time to get going on with the welding. End result: It looks a mess, but a good session with the grinder should sort that out.

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Windscreen Frame part 6

The fitting continues – with everything more or less the way I wanted it, it was time for a final test fit of the screen – this time with the finishers: It fits well enough, so time to carry on with fitting. I got all the holes drilled for the welds: And then tack welded

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Windscreen Frame part 5

After a bit more tweaking, I’ve finally got the base panel ready to fit. I had to go over the A post bits again as they weren’t quite precise, it’s a nice snug fit now. I also ground back the rest of the welding on the sides and welded some new metal in: It’s not

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Windscreen Frame part 4

Today I got the top part cut out and tried a test fit: Obviously a lot of cutting, shaping and grinding to be done, but so far so good. Duct tape is as strong as welding, right? 🙂 A quick test fit of the screen (doubtless the first of many): It’s not a perfect fit,

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Windscreen Frame part 3

Work continued on the frame today. I didn’t get as much as I’d hoped done, partly because the brand new angle grinder, bought to replace the old one which packed up, packed up. I was cutting a seam out when it started smoking, got suddenly really hot and then stopped working. So I had to

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Windscreen Frame part 1

No updates for a while, there really hasn’t been much going on. I’ve been busy with other things, and the only thing I’ve really been able to get on with is the filling of the front panel. That’s more or less done now, I’m not totally happy with it – there’s a small ridge at

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